wa bashiri sabireen

Excerpts from the "Science of Man"

by His Eminence Sultan Sayyid Mubarik Ali Gilani

There is no topic as vitally important for Mankind than that which directly concerns his future and goal. The "Real Man" must know the true purpose of his creation and the progress he is capable of achieving on the physical and spiritual planes of existence, and beyond.Western materialists uphold a firm belief in their 'myth' regarding the evolution of Man and his world. These messengers of ignorance preach that our ancestors were monkeys, and therefore it is quite natural for man to behave like a beast. The psychiatrists have also joined this campaign against humanity in attempts to justify their own animalistic behavior, and in so doing, have hatched the most dreadful conspiracy in the history of Man. There are two prominent figures in this plot, and both are highly revered and lauded for respective works in "liberating" Man. In the last century, Charles Darwin posed a "scientific" theory that we are evolved from apes. Promptly following suit, taking full advantage of the stage which had been set, Dr. Sigmund Freud gave man the freedom to do anything, trying his level best to emancipate himself and all mankind from accountability, conscience, and guilt.

Adultery, homosexuality, and in fact every sort of social ill and perversion were justified by Freud, and for three-quarters of a century psychiatrists, medical doctors, respected scholars, religious personalities of every faith, politicians, and law enforcement officials have not been able to undo the harm unleashed by his work. Crimes against humanity have reached an unprecedented peak. This so-called freedom has filled mental hospitals, prisons, and brought about immeasurable and universal suffering through diseases like AIDS, herpes, and countless other strands of viruses for which cures have yet to be seen.

Materialism pushed Mankind into believing the theory of "accidentalism." However, The Almighty Creator has invited Man to complete his evolution, whereby he could be raised to such a level that the Angels will prostrate to him, and all what exists between the Heavens and Earth will serve him. Upon attaining his goal of evolving into a Perfect Man, his heart will have become so pure that it will be the Throne of Almighty, where He dwells. By virtue of the love and devotion, this Perfect Man beholds Almighty, and through acts of intense 'Ibadat (Worship) and Dhikr (Commemoration), eventually he becomes the eyes by which his Creator beholds, the ears by which his Creator hears, the tongue by which his Creator speaks (vide Hadith-i-Qudsi). Therefore the psychological, social, moral, and intelligence level of those aspiring for this divinely ordained evolution is, indeed, diametrically opposed to those who believe in a beastly origin.

Man and his goal: Evolution and Perfection of the Human Personality.

Without Allahu Ta'ala nothing can survive. It will die like a fish out of water. Allahu Subhana wa Ta'ala nourishes every being irrespective of their beliefs, and everything came into existence by His Command, Planning, and Supremacy. None can deny Him verbally without first affirming His Presence. By stating, "I don't believe in God", the very declaration is a admission of the helplessness of a disbeliever, because by declaring this, he has to first acknowledge Allah's Presence, and in so doing refutes his own declaration. By uttering such a statement of denial, in fact, means that an atheist does not believe in himself, and anyone who does not believe in himself cannot be trusted. All those who do not believe in One Almighty Creator are either dead beings, or mentally subnormal beings.
Therefore, the entire Western non-believing society, their culture and science is perpetually underdeveloped, paganistic, and misleading. Remember the incident of a "Bedouin"(meaning made from the desert) who came to Hazrat Ali (karamAllah wajho), demanding of him some proof regarding the existence of Almighty Allah. Hazrat Ali asserted the following:

"Supposing there was a huge, blue lake, wherein was a boat which would cross the lake everyday at a fixed time and place. Would you then not believe that there must be someone controlling or rowing the boat?" The Bedouin replied "Yes, of course." Babul 'Ilm (The Door of Knowledge, Hazrat Ali) elaborated further, "Then imagine the blue heavens like a lake, and the sun like a ship which traverses it a fixed times and place, and will you not believe that there aught to be someone controlling or managing its course, speed, and direction?" The Bedouin had no answer and he declared that "I believe in One Allah and Muhammad is His Messenger, Peace and Blessings of Allah be upon him."

However, it is a matter of pity that all the universities and scientific institutes produce millions of atheists each year who claim to have attained the highest degree in their own professions, and yet they lack the common sense equivalent to that of the Bedouin, who readily acknowledged Allah and embraced al-Islam as he had no preconceived prejudices and at the same time, used common sense.
This world is experiencing an unprecedented phase of neopaganism, satanism, and scientific sorcery. Freud, Darwin, and many others were in fact messengers of superstition, darkness, and ignorance. These individuals behaved and functioned as rivals of Allah, His Creative Genius, and Hikma (Wisdom), and have brought into contest their own theories regarding the creation of the universe, evolution of mankind, his religion and his beliefs in Messengers, Wahy (Divine Revelation), angels, miracles, death, life of the Hereafter, accountability, Jinnah (Paradise), and Jahannam (Hellfire).

By bringing falsehood against the Wisdom and the Might of the Almighty Creator, they adopt a path of self-destruction and waywardness, but they have also sealed the fate of all those who followed them. Were you to examine Freud's sacrilegious writings, as his is one who claimed to have scientifically explained away or refuted the "God phenomena," revelations and miracles, religious beliefs, and the Hereafter, you would note that apparently he discovered the golden key of psychoanalysis and dream interpretation, which are the vehicles through which he tried to explain everything about man, his beliefs, and morality. It is not possible here to quote his lewd and unscientific views for those who are unaware of the harm Freudism has done to mankind.