نحمد الله العلي العظيم ونصلي على رسوله الكريم وآله وأصحابه وأهل بيته أجمعين

Allah Creates, Not Evolution!


PORTION OF Surah Luqman, Ayah 10: “And scattered through it (the earth) beasts of all kinds, we’ve sent down.”

Editor's Intro: The following is a segment of a transcribed discourse (Bayan) by His Eminence, El-Sheikh Syed Mubarik Ali Shah Gillani. In this, the dear reader will discover immense and advantageous wealth that Allah encapsulates in Ayah 10 of Surah Luqman.

COMMENTARY: All of these beasts did not come on their own. They did not “evolve,” the way that whole thing [the Darwin farce] started from an amoeba, then became a paramecium, then it became a lizard, then the lizard started climbing trees and the tail was shorted, and then eventually became a bird, and then it became a monkey, and then it evolved, evolved, evolved until it became a man; from how, I don’t know. In order to write (and prove) one lie, Darwin had to invent a thousand lies! At every step, he had to tell lies. He had to write those things that could not be proven; and since then, everybody is following it. This is their specialty! Remember; these liars are dead, but yet they behave like animals. One thing becomes the latest idea and everyone supports. This is because inwardly they are beasts. They walk like beasts, they think like beasts, they live like beasts, and they die like beasts! What I wish for you to know is that you are far superior! You are far superior to these materialists! There is no comparison; no comparison between the dead and the living. You are living; they are dead!

Allah (Subhanahu wa Ta’ala) has made a beautiful house for you here. He did not throw you from Jinnah. He lets your body come here and calls you back, every night, before Him. Every night He calls you back; you go to Him. […] I went up (into the mountains) and I saw four or five dear and rabbits, etc. These are the things that Allah Ta’ala has beautified this place with. He makes this world beautiful. When you raise your eyes towards the sky at night, He puts candles and chandeliers for you. For you! So that you don’t feel lonely, and when you go into the forest He sends the birds and they make music for you. He has put everything at your service! Only so that your wisdom arrives [to the conclusion] that you submit yourself before Him. He has done [all of this] before you so that you obey Him. He has put everything that is in heaven and earth at your service, so there is nothing accidental. There is nothing evolved. All the animals, flowers, etc., Allah has created for us that we don’t feel bored or homesick.

[Allah Ta’ala says] “We send down rain.” The rain does not come because of some geographical or meteorological cycle. They (the materialists) always pick up a term from somewhere, but they never tell how that thing started. They say that “this is a meteorological cycle and the vapors rise from the sea, and they go straight to the mountains …” When you ask them questions, it annoys them. They just pick up texts from somewhere and try to explain something as long as they can, and then they just stay quiet. Everybody keeps quiet; there is a unity amongst them. They just support each other with lies.

How can they talk about this universal system? They place the sun in the center and the earth somewhere. How is this possible? If the earth is going in an orbit, then why is it that always the North Star is in the north, or in the northern side? The North Star is a fixed star! It’s fixed all of the time. Why is it always in the north if the earth is going in a rotation? In the Holy Qur’an, we hear about the sun and moon going in an orbit. They may go in an orbit around the earth. [Endnote] So, if the earth is going in an orbit, then you tell me why the fixed point (North Star) remains a fixed point. It’s very simple! If you get in a car and start driving in a circle, the point, when you started, will not remain in the same direction of yours. It will change. Sometimes it will be at your back, sometimes at your left side, and sometimes at your right side. But why is it that, if the earth is going in a circle, the North Star is always in the north? I went to an observatory and eventually I found out that these are the working formulas. By this, I mean these are not essentially the truth, but these are by which they called working happenings, which have nothing to do with reality. It’s a punishment that Allah (Subhanahu wa ta’ala) has put them on telling lies, spreading lies, and spreading ignorance.

Remember; the Western civilization & culture, for the last 2,000 years, have been the messengers of darkness and superstition. From the time of ‘Isa ibn Maryam (Jesus, ‘alaihis-Salaam), there is a curse of Allah upon them, and the curse of ‘Isa (‘alaihis-Salaam); that from after him, they have done nothing but the persecution of the knowledge and persecution of all of those who believe in ONE ALLAH. They are doing it first in the name of religion, and now they are doing it in the name of science. They are the originators of darkness of ignorance and superstition, those who call themselves “the scientists.”

ANOTHER PORTION OF AYAT 10: “We send down rain from the sky…”

COMMENTARY: Allah sends down the rain. He wills it. Each and every drop of the rain – you cannot imagine! Each and every drop of rain is brought by an Angel. The point is fixed where the drop has to fall. To such an extent, that Allah sends the rain.


1. Refer to Surah Ar-Rahman, Surah Yaa-Seen, and Surah Qaaf for further reference.


نحمد الله العلي العظيم ونصلي على رسوله الكريم وآله وأصحابه وأهل بيته أجمعين

 And we bestowed Hikmah upon Luqman: “Show they gratitude to Allah and who is grateful does so to the profit of his own soul.”

Surah Luqman, Ayat 12

Editor's intro: Below is another brief, but extremely beneficial, transcription of a segment of a discourse by His Eminence, El-Sheikh Syed Mubarik Ali Shah Gillani. The dear reader will also notice this is a Bayan on the Hikmah Allah Ta’ala reveals for mankind in Surah Luqman (Tafseer).

COMMENTARY: Here, the word is Hikmah (الحكمة). After Wahi and Messengerhood (الرسالة) is the Hikmah. Hikmah is The Wisdom. In English we say: “[So and so], he is a very wise man.” What do we mean by this? It is a very crude meaning, because the whole terminology [of English] is very ambiguous and ever changing. The wise people twenty years ago are fools now, and those people whom they call wise today: they will become fools after ten years. So, Hikmah is that gift from Allah Subhanhu wa Ta’ala that comes directly from Allah by which you can make differentiation between the falsehood and the truth. Hikmah is a gift. After Messengers come Hakeems whom Allah has given Hikmah. They are Awliya. Sayyiduna Luqman [Alayhis-Salaam] was a Hakeem.

Now [as I said], Hikmah is a gift that comes from Allah. It is not Wahi, but Allah inspires the hearts of those people by giving them Hikmah. It is a light, Allah’s Noor, by which they can differentiate between the falsehood and the truth. They know the reality of the things (Haqiqah) and the secrets of the deeds and actions upon it. For an ordinary person, [he sees] all that is in heaven and earth and thinks only that he can just cultivate land, raise flowers and cattle, do business [and just thinks that] Allah has [accordingly and solely] done this for him. But, for a Hakeem, all of that which is between heaven and earth in the physical world are signs and similitudes to guide him, and they are all physical manifestations; physical or materialized forms of each and every word of Holy Qur’an. All that he sees are the physical manifestations or materialization of Allah’s Words.

wa bashiri sabireen

Excerpts from the "Science of Man"

by His Eminence Sultan Sayyid Mubarik Ali Gilani

There is no topic as vitally important for Mankind than that which directly concerns his future and goal. The "Real Man" must know the true purpose of his creation and the progress he is capable of achieving on the physical and spiritual planes of existence, and beyond.Western materialists uphold a firm belief in their 'myth' regarding the evolution of Man and his world. These messengers of ignorance preach that our ancestors were monkeys, and therefore it is quite natural for man to behave like a beast. The psychiatrists have also joined this campaign against humanity in attempts to justify their own animalistic behavior, and in so doing, have hatched the most dreadful conspiracy in the history of Man. There are two prominent figures in this plot, and both are highly revered and lauded for respective works in "liberating" Man. In the last century, Charles Darwin posed a "scientific" theory that we are evolved from apes. Promptly following suit, taking full advantage of the stage which had been set, Dr. Sigmund Freud gave man the freedom to do anything, trying his level best to emancipate himself and all mankind from accountability, conscience, and guilt.

Adultery, homosexuality, and in fact every sort of social ill and perversion were justified by Freud, and for three-quarters of a century psychiatrists, medical doctors, respected scholars, religious personalities of every faith, politicians, and law enforcement officials have not been able to undo the harm unleashed by his work. Crimes against humanity have reached an unprecedented peak. This so-called freedom has filled mental hospitals, prisons, and brought about immeasurable and universal suffering through diseases like AIDS, herpes, and countless other strands of viruses for which cures have yet to be seen.

Materialism pushed Mankind into believing the theory of "accidentalism." However, The Almighty Creator has invited Man to complete his evolution, whereby he could be raised to such a level that the Angels will prostrate to him, and all what exists between the Heavens and Earth will serve him. Upon attaining his goal of evolving into a Perfect Man, his heart will have become so pure that it will be the Throne of Almighty, where He dwells. By virtue of the love and devotion, this Perfect Man beholds Almighty, and through acts of intense 'Ibadat (Worship) and Dhikr (Commemoration), eventually he becomes the eyes by which his Creator beholds, the ears by which his Creator hears, the tongue by which his Creator speaks (vide Hadith-i-Qudsi). Therefore the psychological, social, moral, and intelligence level of those aspiring for this divinely ordained evolution is, indeed, diametrically opposed to those who believe in a beastly origin.

The Blessed Conduct of the Holy Last Messenger
Sall Allahu alaihi wa Aalihi wa Sallim

A beneficial discourse by Sayyidinaa Imam El-Sheikh Syed Mubarik Ali Shah Jilani El-Hashimi
hubbun nabiyy
The Holy Last Messenger, Sall Allahu alaihi wa Aalihi wa Sallim, had the mildest of temperaments of all, he was the bravest of all, just of all and pious of all. His blessed hand never touched a woman not lawful to him. His generosity was incomparable, to such an extent that at the end of the day not a single dinar was left with him. If by chance any remained, he would not return till the late hours of the night, waiting for someone to take it away. Whatever assets the Almighty had given him
He would use them only for his immediate needs, like food, the remaining would be distributed. His food, too, was very simple, mostly dates and barely.

If anybody demanded anything of the Holy Last Messenger, Sall Allahu alaihi wa Aalihi wa Sallim, he would oblige him. In addition, he would spend from his own budget in the way of Allah. He would sew his own shoes and clothes. He would also do the housework. Hence he would cut meat with his blessed wives. The Holy Last Messenger, Sall Allahu alaihi wa Aalihi wa Sallim, was more modest than any body. His looks would never be fixed on anybody’s face. He would accept invitation of both freedmen and others. If a gift were sent (hadiya) he would except it even though it may be a drop of milk or the leg of a hare. He would always return the favor of hadiya by giving gifts. He would consume the hadiya but he would not consume goods sent as Sadaqah and Khairat. He would become angry with people for the sake of Allah but never for his personal sake. He would propagate truth even though it would apparently be detrimental to himself and his Holy Companions.

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